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4 reviews
  • David Morris·

    I have been using the professional services of Blue Ridge Acupuncture for over 15 years. There is no other medical person in the country (I live in a motorhome traveling the U.S.) that truly cares as much about my personal health and well being as Deann Bishop. Nuff said.

  • Craig Nicol·

    My 1st appointment was more than successful. This process allowed for me to gain a deeper understanding of my current emotional, physical and spiritual stressors and needs. Deann provided a safe caring space while navigating my role in digging depper and developing additional discovery.

  • Lenna Ojure·

    Always fantastic

  • Ann Morris·

    Deann has been very professional & helpful for the many years. I have and will continue going to her and sending others to her. We have seen her in all of her locations (some have had to closed). We also get her wonderful herbs in person or on line.


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